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web-code version: 2017-06-13
database version: 94.01

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WARNING: Genomicus is based on data from Ensembl, and the current release of Ensembl (version 94) has reported issues with the construction of phylogenetic trees. This causes large gene families (> ~400 homologs) to be split in several smaller families. Please see http://www.ensembl.info/2018/10/24/changes-to-paralogy-in-release-94.

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Frog Chinese turtle Chicken Turkey Duck Zebra finch Flycatcher Lizard Platypus Wallaby Tasmanian devil Opossum Elephant Tenrec Hyrax Armadillo Sloth Common shrew Hedgehog Microbat Megabat Dolphin Cow Goat Sheep Alpaca Pig Horse Ferret Giant Panda Dog Tiger leopard Cat Tree shrew Olive baboon Vervet Monkey Sooty mangabey Crab-eating macaque Pig-tailed macaque Rhesus Drill Angola colobus Black snub-nosed monkey Golden snub-nosed monkey Orangutan Gorilla Chimpanzee pygmy chimpanzee Human Gibbon Marmoset Bolivian squirrel monkey Capuchin Mas night monkey Tarsier Bushbaby Mouse lemur Coquerels sifaka Pika Rabbit Brazilian-Guinea pig Guinea pig Degu Long-tailed chinchilla Naked mole-rat female Naked mole-rat male Damara mole rat Upper Galilee mountains blind mole rat Rat Shrew mouse Ryukyu mouse spretus Mouse Northern American deer mouse Prairie vole Chinese hamster CHOK1GS Chinese hamster Crigri Golden Hamster Lesser Egyptian jerboa Squirrel Kangaroo rat Coelacanth Sarcopterygii Tetrapoda Amniota Sauria Archelosauria Neognathae Galloanserae Galliformes Passeriformes Mammalia Theria Marsupialia Diprotodontia Eutheria Atlantogenata Afrotheria Xenarthra Boreoeutheria Laurasiatheria Insectivora Chiroptera Cetartiodactyla Bovidae Caprinae Carnivora Caniformia Caniformia_b Felidae Panthera Euarchontoglires Primates Haplorrhini Simiiformes Catarrhini Cercopithecidae Cercopithecinae Macaca Colobinae Rhinopithecus Hominoidea Hominidae Homo/Pan/Gorilla group Homo/Pan group Pan Platyrrhini Cebidae Strepsirrhini Lemuriformes Glires Lagomorpha Rodentia Hystricognathi Hystricomorpha Cavia Hystricomorpha_A Bathyergidae Heterocephalus glaber Sciurognathi Myomorpha Muroidea Murinae Mus Mus_A Mus_B Cricetidae Cricetidae_B Cricetinae Cricetulus griseus